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Introducing Muscle Bound

Guaranteed Results

As a qualified and accredited trainer, I’ve been getting the residents of Berkshire fit, one body at a time. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, bulk up in muscle, or just improve your health and well-being, contact me today and get started!


About Muscle Bound

Making Fitness Fun

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As a professional Personal Trainer, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule and more importantly, fitness goals. I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.

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A Little Bit About Me

Muscle Bound Fitness
Monica Butt

Getting in shape is not meant to be a torturous endeavor. There may be a sore muscle or two along the way, but I believe getting fit should be enjoyed, not dreaded. I get to change lives for a living, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.


My journey to fitness was never a straight shot and through this I have had to learn to embrace change and transformation.  Our lives, our bodies are what we decide to Make them.  What can we do in THIS moment - each small choice ripples into the reality of our future 'ideal' self.  You've got this!  

As a fully qualified and accredited Personal Trainer, I firmly believe in the positive benefits fitness brings to all areas of our lives. Are you ready to make a change? Contact me for more info.

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Hear What Others Have to Say

I like to think of my services as life-changing.  If you want to learn more about my clients' past experiences and the amazing results they've achieved, check out some of their testimonials below!

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Props to my Body Architect!! Monica is not only an amazing human being but also an incredible trainer. I call her my body architect because of the multifaceted awareness she has of the various systems of the body. She’s bursting at the seams with certifications and knowledge, and it shows! She manages to be both present with such energy, support and joy during our sessions, and also have a thorough long-term view of my fitness goals and how to get there. She makes herself available throughout the week for check-ins and loving motivation.

Tracy G.

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Ab strength and development

Tracy G now

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I am in the

Tracy G now


best shape of my life

Tracy G now

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because of this woman!

Tracy G now

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Monica Butt has been an incredible coach!  She committed an incredible amount of time to my success and I wouldn't have made it to the physique I have now without her.  Her love for the gym really shows itself in her work and I couldn't have gotten a better coach.  Thanks Monica!

Morgan J

Lorain, OH USA

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I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Monica @ Muscle Bound for the daily 30 minute sessions.  It has really helped me improve both physically and mentally.  Her knowledge of both cardio, weight training and diet is amazing.  I have managed to a flat tummy within 3 months!  I highly recommend Monica!

Vik K.
Reading, UK

I asked Monica to help me reduce fat around my middle, improve my posture, and to improve my general fitness and muscles.  For years I have been gym-phobic, but Monica has made the workouts (both cardio and general fitness) fun and I look forward to the next one.  To date I have lost over one stone; my metabolic age has reduced by 2 years; my muscles and abdomen are showing definition not seen since I was an active young man.  (I'm 61 yrs old right now!)  Overall I am delighted with my progress and the programmes.

John B.

Reading, UK

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Monica @ Muscle Bound.  Her daily exercises have not only made me lose weight but also increased my stamina in only a matter of weeks.  Her exercises are fun and interactive with in depth knowledge of how each exercise impacts the body.

Shohid A.

Stanmore, Middlesex