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Stabilisation Endurance Training?

In order to move and perform all the physical functions of our daily lives, our muscles must fire and activate via communications between the peripheral and sensory nervous systems, apply the force to pull the bones (via the tendons) they are inserted on and do so in a way that applies just the right amount of force for the job it is required to do, all the while keeping our bodies upright, supported and moving safely to avoid injury.  Our bodies are highly sophisticated machines that create movement and communication amongst the muscles and our nervous system in a matter of milliseconds.

This functioning, communicating link between our nervous system and muscular system forms our neuromuscular connections.  It really is a beautiful, complex, Efficient system - when it is working in balanced alignment.  What happens when we disrupt this through our repetitive daily habits, such as sitting too long at a desk job, holding a child on one hip repetitively, leaning to one side while waiting in many ways we 'train' our body to move in ways it wasn't designed to do.  Our beautiful kinetic chain of effective movement is altered and eventually we find ourselves in pain or with injuries.

Stabilization Endurance training recognizes the places our bodies have altered their patterns of movement to accomodate our improper habitual movements and it RETRAINS the neuromuscular system to move again in the way it was meant to.  It releases the tight muscles pulling us out of alignment and wakes up and strengthens the weak muscles to allow them to do their job - assisting and powering the body in efficient movement.

Stabilization training is about getting the right muscles to fire, using just the right amount of force and in the proper plane of motion at just the right time.  This training strengthens the neuromuscular connections and allows the kinetic chain to effectively stabilize the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex and the joints during movement.  This THEN allows the arms and legs to move in a way that is optimally effective.  So many people attempt to begin training from the OPPOSITE WAY AROUND.  How many times have you had a trainer focus only on strengthening your squats, your chest press, your plyometric jumps and lunges, your curls and countless crunches while forgetting to BEGIN by building a solid, strong core where ALL movements originate from?

When we train for Endurance through eccentric training, we challenge the muscles, we increase the metabolic demand (higher caloric response), we strengthen our tendons and ligaments (though greater time under tension) as well as increasing our bone strength and density, and we attain increases in muscle fibers and muscular strength gains.  Developing muscular endurance helps our core and joint stabilization systems strengthen.  Training for muscular endurance of the core stabilizing muscles focuses the body on the recruitment of the muscles responsible for postural stability.

All of these are the foundational points on which hypertrophy, strength and power are built on.  No matter if your goals are those of a seasoned athlete or just general health and well-being, everyone can benefit from working with Stabilization Endurance training to safeguard thier bodies from limiting injuries and create a strong base of mobility to truly enjoy and experience life.  So, is your training built on a solid framework or a house of cards?  And how miraculous is it that we can create effective change to create the lives we deserve?  Our bodies are truly wonderous, amazing gifts of nature!

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